DMCA Policy on Copyright Infringement

We take all claims of copyright infringement seriously. It is the aim of, hereinafter referred to as "the site," to promote performers, expand their visibility, and increase the demand for their work. It is never the intention of the site to harm the livelihoods of performers or the production houses that produce and market their content. We make every good faith effort to ensure that only content which has been authorized by the copyright holder for release and/or released for promotional purposes on a widespread basis. However, as a user-based platform with automated content systems, it is impossible to police every video. Content added automatically through affiliate programs or other automated systems is presumed to be legal.


If you believe that content hosted on the site violates your copyright, you may submit a copyright infringement claim in writing. These may only be submitted by the copyright holder or his/her authorized agent.

You may notify the site of your claim by sending an e-mail to containing the following information:

• A statement affirming, under penalty of perjury, that you are either the legal copyright holder, or an authorized agent of same, of an exclusive right that is infringed.

• A direct URL to the specific content that you claim is infringing. Descriptions and titles are not sufficient, as it may be difficult or impossible to identify the correct material and impede our ability to resolve the issue quickly.

• An e-mail address by which we may contact you about the resolution of the issue.

• Your full legal name to act as a signature on the complaint.


We make every effort to resolve complaints quickly. DMCA complaints are given the presumption of validity, and if our team concludes there is a likelihood of infringement, the material will be removed, usually within 48 hours of notification, and the infringing user will be given an opportunity to respond with a counter-notification. If we receive a counter-notice, we will forward it to the complaining party for resolution. If we do not receive a counter-notice, the material is removed permanently. Infringing users are warned, and repeat offenders may be subject to account suspension or deletion.